St. Mark's Episcopal Church

516 South O'Connor Road
Irving, Texas 75060


Morning Prayer @ 8:30 am
Study @ 9 am
Choral Holy Eucharist @ 10 am
Childcare Provided


Study @ 11 am
Holy Eucharist @ Noon & 6 pm

Weekdays & Saturday

Morning Prayer @ 7:30 am


Saints and Summer Ales

Sip on a summer ale while learning about the theological and historical significance of the seven churches in the Book of Revelation. For seven nights this summer, St. Mark's will examine how the church catholic and our own lives reflect the charges against the seven churches in Asia Minor.



Summer Vibes: Youth Connect

Youth going into the 6th-12th grades for the Fall of 2017, they are invited to join us for “Summer Vibes! Come out and enjoy food, field games, and new friends this summer!



Holy Reflection

As it concerns cars, RPMs stands for: Revolutions Per Minute. And if you have ever popped the hood on your car and looked at the engine, there’s a lot of parts!  While the idea of revolutions per minute seems pretty simple and only takes one gauge to measure, there are a lot of different components of the engine that help keep the RPMs in the sweet spot. The same is true for our spiritual life. In Holy Reflection, you will be directed in the Relational, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual areas of your life while listening to the Holy Spirit’s counsel. For more information click here.


re:form Ancestors

re: form Ancestors is a youth Bible study that helps students get to know personalities from the Old and New Testaments, encouraging youth to see the similarities between themselves and their faith ancestors. This study is for both Children and Youth Sunday School.