Becoming a Member


We are thrilled about your interest in being a part of the community here at St. Mark’s! Below are the steps to take to become involved in the life of the church.


In order to become a member, we ask that you be faithful to…


The beginning of faith is to repent and return to the Lord. By the water of Holy Baptism we are connected by Christ with God the Father, whereby he adopts us as His children and transforms us into a fit dwelling place for the Holy Ghost. As adopted children, we are called to fellowship with one another as one body. In other words, we encourage you to get involved with others in the life of the parish.


In prayer we come individually or corporately into the presence of God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Ghost. Our prayers may be offered to give praise and thanksgiving, to ask for forgiveness, to offer ourselves for service, to intercede for others, or for our own needs. We ask our members to be faithful to pray for the mission and ministry of St. Mark’s.


The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments contain everything necessary for our salvation. We ask you to join us is coming to a fuller of understanding of God and ourselves. We encourage you to plug in to one of our classes or groups to assist you in finding spiritual nourishment.


As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to joyfully offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to God. We act as God’s agents in the world doing all good works that He has prepared for us to walk in. Here at St. Mark’s, we encourage you to take part in serving in the world and participate in the giving of your time and in financial contribution.

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Sacramental Life Course

After filling out the membership form, the next thing to do is to take our Sacramental Life Course; an 8-week study on Christian essentials. This course is for any adult who is a new member or desires to be baptized, confirmed, or would just like to know what it means to live a sacramental life.

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Please contact us or call the Parish Office at 972-253-7124 for more information.