Clergy, Staff, & Vestry

Fr. BobClergy

Robert M. Corley, Rector

For inquires of a ministerial nature, or for information about Christian education classes, youth and adult confirmation, baptism, weddings and funerals, contact Father Bob directly by contacting us or by calling the Parish Office at 972-253-7124.






At the head of Saint Mark’s lay leadership is the Vestry, the elected group of leaders responsible for all church matters not ecclesiastical. The vestry meets regularly to review monthly operational expenses of the church, receive and review reports from various committees, plan and authorize capital improvement projects, and attend to concerns within the parish.

Saint Mark’s Vestry consists of six members who also serve as greeters for all services:

Jane Gardner, Senior Warden
George Watson, Junior Warden
Sarah Tate, Treasurer
Robert Nelson, Clerk
James Cassels
Humphrey Chavunduka
Sherece Johnson

Convention Delegates

Lorraine Mundangapfupfu
Tina Walsh


Frank ChristmanOrganist / Choir Master
Carla Wallace, Parish Administrator