New Parish Bylaws Approved For St. Mark’s

Would you like to understand the qualifications for being a vestryperson at St. Mark’s?  Do you want to know how St. Mark’s defines a Member In Good Standing?  The Parish Bylaws are where you find answers to those questions and others.   Our Parish Bylaws are a set of binding rules that guide us in how we conduct our parish business as a member of the Diocese of Dallas. 

The former edition of our Parish Bylaws dated from December 2004 and was not in line with what our parish emphasizes in 2010.  So, how does one make changes to our Parish Bylaws?  Our current Sr. Warden and three past Sr. Wardens teamed up to recommend changes that would help our parish become more transparent in the conduct of business.  They spent a significant amount of time reviewing the previous document and crafting suggested changes for the approval of our Vestry.

Bylaws are so integral to the life of any parish that it takes two vestry meetings to approve the changes.  The suggested changes were accepted by our Vestry and the newly revised Parish Bylaws are now posted in the parish hall and here on our website in the “Parish Documents” section under the “About Us” button at the top.

I so appreciate the efforts of the Sr. Wardens of this parish.  If you have any questions, please contact anyone on the Vestry or me.

Fr. Greg